“Be included!” project is directed to young Deaf people, and to career counsellors who work or would wish to work with Deaf young people. We would also like project to have influence on the people from the environment of young Deaf people and show them that it is worth to support Deaf person in his/her professional aspirations.

Partnership of 4 organizations from 3 countries is planned to implement the planned “Be included” project. All of us has the experience in working with Deaf people, and field of this work is so different that we all will compose of very strong project team.

Project aims

The main objective of “Be included!” project is to change attitudes of young Deaf people, help them to believe that they can have influence on their professional development and are able to overcome obstacles in order to function in every professional environment they choose to be part of.

Specific objectives:

  • Increase job-opportunities for young Deaf job-candidates in the regular job market.
  • Encourage young Deaf people to do their best to start independent work-life in regular job market.
  • Give young Deaf people tools helping them enter the labour market.
  • Help young Deaf people to overcome obstacles in effective professional development and entering the labour market


The project will also contribute to:

  • Change of attitudes of young Deaf people toward participating in more and more activities;
  • Change of attitude of young Deaf people toward entering the labour market;
  • Increase of interest of young Deaf people in professional development;
  • Increase of interest of young Deaf people in getting to know people from other counties;
  • Increase curiosity of young Deaf people about co-functioning with hearing peers
  • raising self-esteem and increasing self-confidence at least among young people directly involved in project activities (consultations, workshops);
  • change of attitude of career advisors toward work with Deaf people (decrease level of fear);
  • establishing of base for international cooperation of organizations and people working with Deaf people;
  • increasing the awareness of people from the Deaf environment about the importance of professional development and social integration of the Deaf youth.

During all project activities it is planned to:

  • Prepare at least 30 videos as O1 instructions in 3 languages (and at least 4 in one general language ASL so that to see if it is understandable)
  • Prepare 4 language versions of guidelines for career advisors. Print at least 400 copies (100 in each language)
  • Prepare at least 6 videos with interviews with working Deaf people.
  • Train at least 30 career advisors during one 7 days training
  • Organize workshops for at least 30 young Deaf people from partner countries (8 days workshops).
  • Consult our project results with at least 60 young Deaf people from partner countries.


Data Analyst and Systems Analyst at University Collage of Enterprise and Administration

New international studies

Free engineering studies

Implementation period:  
01.01.2017 – 31.03.2021

Main goal: To improve the quality of educational services of the University Collage of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin in connection with the requirements of international labor markets and increase the number of foreigners studying at WSPA by developing and implementing a new path of education “Data Analyst and Systems” in the field of Computer Science.

Target group:
1-st year of study – 30 students, including at least 15 foreign students.
Recruitment: May 2017 to September 2017

1. electronic registration in WSPA system
2. submission of documents to the Recruitment Department
• secondary or higher secondary school certificate
• A copy of the passport /  visa / residence card or other document permitting you to stay in Poland

We offer:
1. 7-semester full-time studies culminating in the title of engineer
2. The program of study includes 2659 hours of classes, 210 ECST credits
3. classes taught in English
4. classes conducted with the participation of a foreign lecturer

Additionally for foreigners:
1. summer schools – 2 weeks after the first year of education outside the university, including practical workshops to improve the knowledge of data analysis and systems
2. integration classes – cultural evenings, culinary, music and sports meetings
3. courses of Polish language for foreigners
4. group activities concerning the functioning of public institutions in Poland connected with the labor market
5. financing the costs of accommodation and maintenance of foreigners in Poland