We’d like to inform, that classes in English-language studies in the winter semester will start from 21th of October 2019.

Dear Students,

we would like to kindly inform you that due to the celebration of Students Culture Days Kozienalia and Medykalia in Lublin with WSPA and WSSP on the 9th and 10th of May from 3PM and on the 13th of May 2019 till 12AM Rector’s Hours are constituted which means that there are no classes and you are invited to take part in the celebration.

 1st Summer School of Modernism

11th – 16th of September 2017

First Summer School of Modernism is organised by University College of Enterprise and Administration and Lubelska Agora of Modernism foundation. It is dedicated for students of humanistic, artistic (including design and architecture) courses as well as for all those interested in the subject of modernism. During the week-long intense course there will be activities such as lectures, workshops and visits, the participants will have the opportunity to get deeper knowledge in the subject of modernism in urban planning, architecture and design, starting from its development in the interwar period, through its exposure in the second half of the century up to the present and its correlation with modern architecture.  The wide range of activities give chance to get full knowledge of the subject as well as expand the existing one.

The Summer School program was designed to show you the development of modernism in the twentieth century from the theoretical side as well as the examples of the existing facilities and urban planning. Fields trips will start from the interwar period with the example of Stalowa Wola city, one of the areas of the Central Industrial District. We will move to the subject of second half of the 20th century architecture and urban planning visiting the Lublin Campus and the most interesting housing estates including Adam Mickiewicz’s estate designed by Feliks Haczewski and Jan Słowacki’s estate designed by Oskar and Zofia Hansen.

The next stage of exploring the idea of modernism will be to analyse its impact on the work of today’s architects on the example of Bolesław Stelmach and its works which we will see in Lublin along with an architect (Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, Tarasy Zamkowe, Lubelski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny). 

The last two days of 1st Summer School of Modernism will have its theme of design created in the 20th century. We will visit the Ćmielów Porcelain Factory where we will meet the artist Mark Cecuła in his Ćmielów Design Studio where new modern projects inspired by trends of modernism are being created.

Nextly, we will get to know the specifics of production of pressed glass by visiting Edwnex Glass Factory where the production of Jan Sylwester Drost’s plates from the Rotor series – the classics of Polish design of the 1970s – was restarted.  

 Workshops of modernism designing with the designer Katarzyna Cebulak will take place on the last day of our course.

Date – 11th to 16th of September 2017

11th of September – Monday – lectures introducing wide understood modernism, urban sociology and design

12th of September – Tuesday – trip to Stalowa Wola – subject: Central Industrial District as an example of modernism from the interwar period in Poland and how to build city’s promotion based on modernism – work activities connected with sightseeing of the city and exhibitions in Regional Museum in Stalowa Wola –  guided tour by staff of Reginal Museum and Ph.D. arch. Natalia Przesmycka i Ph.D. arch. Kamila Boguszewska.

13th of September – Wednesday – first part of the day  – University Lublin’s estate and estates of Mickiewicz and Słowacki) – the postwar version of late modernism on the example of estates with additional sociological threads – led by Iza Pastuszko and invited guests, i.a. Ph.D Marta Komorska, Rector of WSPA

In the afternoon – WSPA architectural workshops – Modern urban compositions in theory and practice (manual workshops) – led by Ph.D. arch. Natalia Przesmycka and Ph.D. arch. Kamila Boguszewska

14th of September – Thursday – heritage of modernism in 21st century – lecture of Ph.D. Bolesław Stelmach Prof. WSPA  in his studio and activities with Professor – sightseeing of Centre for the Meeting of Cultures, “Tarasy Zamkowe”, “Lubelski Park Naukowo-Technologiczny”

15th of September – Friday – modernism – industrial design – trip to the Porcelain Factory in Ćmielów, visit in Ćmielów Design Studio and sightseeing of Edwanex Glass Factory near Łęczna

16th of September – Saturday – workshops related to modern design with an artist designer Katarzyna Cebulak (www.mudodesign.com) and Ph.D Paulina Zarębska – Denysiuk in WSPA building and then free time in the afternoon

As a closure of 1st Summer School of Modernism there will be a gala dinner.


  • 1500 with overnight (rooms in academicians)
  • 1150 without overnight

Term recruitment – 31.07.2017


Dear Students,
please check the course schedules regularly as they may change. In addition, course schedules include information about the cancellation of classes.

The Rector of the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin establishes 12nd November 2018, a rector’s day, free from didactic classes.

The rules of Apprenticeship at the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin

People responsible for the organisation of Apprenticeship:
1. Apprenticeship’s Coordinator WSPA – Wioletta Haliniak, MA
2. Vocational & Educational Adviser WSPA – Dominika Marczewska
3. Apprenticeship’s Plenipotentiary of the course:
– Administration – Andrzej Borowski, MA,
– Architecture – Karol Tymczak, MSc,
– Journalism and Social Communication – Łukasz Borkowski, MA,
– Finance and Accounting – Katarzyna Żuk, Ph.D.,
– Spatial economy – Krzysztof Grymuza, MSc,
– Computer Science – Marcin Smolira, Ph.D.,
– Sociology – Monika Różycka-Górska, MA,,
– International Relations – Maria Mazur, Ph.D.,
– Transport – Ernest Gnapowski, Ph.D.,
– Management – Anna Bielak, MA.
How to complete your Apprenticeship:
1. Go to the Vocational & Educational Adviser (room No. 200). On the basis of the initial interview, you will get advices for the Apprenticeship placement. If you have already chosen a place, the Vocational & Educational Adviser will verify it for the possibility of working there.
2. Go to the Apprenticeship’s Coordinator (room No. 107a) in order to take the referral and the Apprenticeship agreement, which you will be obliged to submit it no later than the first day of the Apprenticeship.
3. Do the Apprenticeship.
4. Deliver the following documents:
* signed contract
* a correctly completed Apprenticeship journal or a report on the Apprenticeship,
* signed certificate of your Apprenticeship,
* signed opinion of the tutor of the Apprenticeship.
Remember! The student is obliged to have a current insurance against accidents for the duration of the Apprenticeship.
Do you currently work? Have you had an apprenticeship? It can also be approved! Apprenticeship’s Plenipotentiary of the course representative, at the request of the student, could include the following as Apprenticeship:
1) professional work performed by the student (if it was performed by the student during Apprenticeship),
2) Apprenticeship completed at any other university,
3) running a business on its own,
4) participating in apprenticeships in domestic or foreign enterprises guaranteeing the achievement of appropriate practical skills

– on the condition of compliance with the study program.
You should provide Apprenticeship’s Plenipotentiary of the course with the following:
1) details of institution in which the work or other activity was performed during Apprenticeship,
2) duration of an Apprenticeship,
3) details about the type of activities performed,
4) signature of the person authorized to issue the document.
If you have any doubts about the Apprenticeship, please send us an e-mail on praktyki@wspa.pl (please include your name, surname, field of study and your phone number) or come to the Apprenticeship’s Office room No. 107a.
Opening hours: Apprenticeship’s Coordinator – Wioletta Haliniak (room No. 107a, phone: 81 45 29 465, e-mail: praktyki@wspa.pl)
• Monday: 8 am – 11am
• Tuesday: closed
• Wednesday: 10 am to 1 pm
• Thursday: 8 am – 11am
• Friday: closed
• Saturday: closed
• Sunday: closed
Opening hours: Vocational & Educational Adviser – Dominika Marczewska (room No. 200, phone: 81 45 29 439, e-mail: d.marczewska@wspa.pl)
• Monday: closed
• Tuesday: 9 am – 1 pm
• Wednesday: 9 am – 1 pm
• Thursday: 9 am – 1 pm
• Friday: closed
• Saturday: closed
• Sunday: closed