About Lublin

Lublin is the capital of Lubelskie Voivodship which is situated in the south-eastern Poland and covers the area of 25 121 km2 (almost 10% of Poland). Geographical location on the Eastern border of the European Union makes it an important centre of cooperation between Eastern and Western Europe.

Lublin is the largest and the fastest developing city on the right side of the Vistula River, with an area of 147,5 km2 and about 360 000 inhabitants. This city plays the role of administrative, educational and cultural centre of the Voivodship. Its rich history and the fact that it is located in a multi-cultural melting pot define its characteristic and unique values. They have been particularly well reflected in its architecture, topography and the social and cultural development of the city.

All those qualities add to the unique local diversity of Lublin city and makes it exceptionally attractive not only to students and tourists, but also filmmakers, who will surely find it a rich source of inspiration.

Historical places worth seeing: 

  • Lublin Castle
  • Lublin Old Town with:
    • The Cracow Gate with the Historical Museum of Lublin inside,
    • The Crown Tribunal with the “Labirynt” Underground Trail
    • Historic tenement houses e.g. Konopnica Family house, Klonowic’ House etc.
    • The Dominican Church and Monastery Complex
    • The Po Farze Square
    • The Grodzka Gate
    • The Trinitarian Tower
  • The Cathedral
  • The Krakowskie Przedmieście pedestrian zone
  • The Litewski Square
  • The Saski Park
  • Open-air Village Museum
  • MCSU Botanical Garden
  • Majdanek Concentration Camp and State Museum of Martyrdom

Festivals and events

Lublin could be called as well “The Capital of Festivals”, because every year another new one appears. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

  • Carnival Arts-Masters.
  • Culture Night – usually the first Saturday night of June, hundreds of events whole the city, cultural manifestation of city’s potential, admission is free
  • OpenCity Festival – outdoor performances festival, international artists and performers, make art installations in public places in Lublin
  • Museum Night – like in whole world, Lublin’s museums, are opened for visitors.
  • Jagiellonian Trades – come to Lublin to feel middle-age atmosphere.
  • Annual students’ holiday – usually celebrated for about three weeks between May and June, students holiday in Lublin, are the longest in whole Poland. There’s usually bunch of student parties, concerts, cultural events, and every year, Main Concert, usually, British artists are invited.
  • „I give you my Word” Storytellers Festival
  • International Festival of Document Film
  • International Folk Music Festival – organised by the Maria Currie-Sklodowska University.
  • Different Sounds Area” International Music Festival –  connects Lublin and Lviv (Ukraine) citizens together.
  • “Lublin – city of poetry” – Poetry Festival organised by the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre and Polish Literature Institute of Catholic University in Lublin
  • A Night with Czechowicz – walking the  trace, from “Poem about The City of Lublin” written by Józef Czechowicz at first full moon at July, organised by the “Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre” Centre
  • The oldest songs of Europe Festival – festival of traditional music from all around the Europe
  • Future Shorts – World Short Film Label
  • International Theatre Dance Festival
  • International Theatre Festival “Confrontations”
  • Festival of Alternative Culture
  • Neighbours – Central European Theatres Festival
  • Young Polish Fashion Creators Festival
  • Polish Students Theatre Festiwal
  • Lublin Rock Scene
  • Youth Scene – music festival
  • Jazz All Souls’ Day
  • Summer Music Area – Young polish musicians, promotion, on the small scene, organisators: Akwarela Cafe and Lublins’ President Council

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