For Agents

  1. Contact the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin (WSPA) in order to establish the rules of cooperation. We would like to get to know your agency and learn about your experience in recruiting students. Send us a link to your website, Facebook profile, Instagram account.
  2. Sign the agreement. Let us know if you have any questions about its contents.
  3. Remember to attach your Tax Certificate when you send us the signed agreement.
  4. After you sign the agreement you can start recruiting students for WSPA.
  5. Contact the Admissions Center when you have candidates who want to study at WSPA.
  6. Send us the candidate’s personal information: name and surname, passport number, as well as a set of documents for the candidate. We need:
    • Scanned copy of the first page of the passport (the page containing personal information),
    • Scanned copy of the secondary school/high school graduation certificate,
    • Scanned copy of an English language proficiency certificate or any other document attesting the proficiency,
    • Completed application form,
    • Scanned copy of the undergraduate diploma if applying for a Master’s Degree program,
    • Scanned copies of three drawings made by the candidate in the following categories: nature, imagination, simple geometric solid figures, if applying for the Architecture program.
  7. We will verify the documents within a week and send feedback to your agency.
  8. If there are any documents missing, we will ask you to provide them.
  9. If we have all the necessary documents, we will send you an offer letter with further information for the candidate.
  10. After you receive the offer letter, within 7 days the candidate has to pay the admission fee and the tuition fee for the first semester or the first year.
  11. Wait for the acceptance letter. WSPA will issue the acceptance letter within 7 days from the date we receive the fees.
  12. After receiving the acceptance letter, the candidate can apply for a student visa.
  13. Please inform us about the result of the candidate’s visa interview.
  14. After arriving in Poland, the candidate has to come to the Admissions Center and provide the following documents:
    • Passport (for inspection only),
    • Copy of the student visa or a temporary residence card or any other document entitling the holder to stay in Poland,
    • Original of the secondary school/high school graduation certificate with an apostille and a certified translation to English or Polish,
    • English language proficiency certificate,
    • Two 35x45mm photos,
    • Copy of an insurance policy,
    • A medical certificate attesting there are no contraindications to studying (students can obtain one for free in Lublin.)
  15. Prepare a list of your candidates who came to WSPA. We will verify the list within 3 days. If everything is in order, we will ask you to issue a commission invoice. The invoice will be paid within 14 days from the date it was issued.
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