English-Speaking Students Tutor appointed at WSPA

The College of Business and Administration in Lublin has seen a steady increase in the number of foreign students studying in Polish and English. Currently, a total of 849 foreign students are studying at WSPA, of which 144 in majors taught in English. 

In order to meet the needs of the college’s international community, we appointed English-Speaking Students Tutor, whose task is to strengthen the adaptation and integration of the international student community, as well as to support students in issues related to functioning at the college or outside it. Appointing a new position, we want to increase support of students with other cultural backgrounds, reinforcing the college as a committed and caring place, providing our students with a sense of security and comfort in their new environment. 

A tutor position has been appointed to Mr. Michal Furmanek, a long-time lecturer in the Management Faculty.

How can the tutor be contacted?
Due to irregular attendance at the college, preferred contact is by phone or email on weekdays between 8:00 and 16:00 and outside of these hours in emergency situations.

Mobile phone or WhatsApp: 503 792 876
E-mail: m.furmanek@wspa.pl

Michal Furmanek – academic educator with broad management and consulting experience gained in multicultural business environment, education sector and public administration across Europe.
As a practitioner of marketing and management, he has been lecturing at the College of Entrepreneurship and Administration for last 8 years. Simultaneously,  he has been working at the Lublin City Hall for 12 years now, taking responsibility for city branding, investment promotion and strategic programming. Previously, he spent 15 years as top-tier manager responsible for marketing and communications, product development and sales support in the international banking and insurance sector. He is a graduate of the Moscow School of Political Studies, Russian Federation and the Department of Social and Political Science at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, Poland. He studied marketing and communications at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania, USA and Arabic Studies at Al-Fatah University in Tripoli, Libya. He speaks Polish, English, Russian and Ukrainian.
Career details: www.linkedin.com/in/michalfurmanek

What does the tutor do?

English-Speaking Students Tutor appointed at WSPA

  • Acts as a liaison between the university and English-speaking students, monitoring their needs, expectations and concerns, relaying them to the university authorities, providing feedback and facing challenges.
  • Assists with cultural and language orientation to help students adjust to the university environment and better understand Polish culture, providing advice and guidance on health and safety, social and cultural issues.
  • Provides informational support to help incoming students understand applicable policies and how to navigate college procedures, regulations and resources.
  • Facilitates students’ contacts with relevant college departments to provide them with the support they need to organize their lives and studies.
  • Supports integration activities undertaken by students and the college.
  • Acts as the contact person for students in case of crisis situations.

What does the tutor not do?

  • Does not act as a contact person for foreign students on courses conducted in Polish.
  • Does not monitor students’ academic progress.
  • Does not act as an intermediary in matters of credits, settlements and issues related to legalization of stay in Poland.
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