Courses in English

Courses in English

The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin offers the following courses taught in English during spring semester 2019/20 (listed below). Please note that some changes may occur.


Courses in English – spring semester 2019/20 Form of evaluation ECTS
English Z/O 2
Polish Z/O 2
Foundations of Creativity E 2
Basics of Electrical Engineering E 4
Computer Systems Architecture E 4
Discrete Mathematics E 6
Object-Oriented Programming Paradigm E 5
Operating Systems E 6
Databases E 5
Use of Databases and Content Presentation Z/O 3
Foundations of Marketing E 4
Managerial Competences Z/O 3
Decision-Making and Organizational Techniques Z/O 3
Modern Management Methods and Techniques E 4
Foundations of Accounting E 4
IT Systems in Management Z/O 2
Constructive Conflict Resolution Z 1
Foundations of Law Z/O 1
Protection of Intellectual Property Z/O 1
Specialist Architectural Design Part 4 (Public Utility Design) E 5
Condition Survey Training Z/O 3
Garden Design Part 1 E 6
Landscape Planning E 3
Engineering Techniques in Landscape Planning Z/O 3
Graph Theory Fundamentals Z/O 2
Software Engineering E 4
Programming Paradigms Z/O 2
Embedded Systems E 4
Graphical User Interface Design Z/O 3
Programming in Java Z/O 3
Database Programming E 6
Market Research E 3
Customer Realtionship Management Z/O 2
Enterprise Resource Planning Z/O 2
Corporate Finance E 6
Production Management E 6
Negotiations and Mediations Z/O 2
Foundations of Entrepreneurship Z/O 4
Economics of Investment Process E 2
Organisation of Investment Process E 2
Fundamentals of Cost Estimation E 4
Construction Documentation Z/O 3
Technological Design of Structures Part II E 4
Introduction to Data Mining E 4
IT System Project Prepared in a Team Z/O 3
Knowledge Engineering Z/O 2
Data Mining and Agent-Based Systems Z/O 2
Business Intelligence E 4
Applying Databases in Web Applications Z/O 2
Programming Web Applications Z/O 2
Analytical Tools For Web applications Z/O 2
Data Processing in Cloud Computing Models E 4
Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation of Systems E 4
Design of Own Undertaking Z/O 2
Business Plan Z/O 4
Project Management System Z/O 4


Form of evaluation explanation

E – exam

Z/O – graded credit

Z – ungraded credit (pass/fail)

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