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About the program

The work of an architect is to design a person’s living space. Architects design individual buildings as well as entire neighborhoods or cities. They are responsible for the quality of life in the designed spaces. In view of these requirements, the architect’s education must be based on learning about the various conditions of human functioning in space, and then selecting appropriate solutions and tools to meet their needs.

Architect is a profession of public trust[1]. This means that its practice involves serving people’s personal needs and the public interest, and is subject to the norms of professional ethics and the standard of education specified by the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of July 18th, 2019.

A graduate of the Architecture program is prepared to start independent creative work in the profession of architecture and urban planning, focused on a personal design career. We offer a study plan compliant with the requirements specified by the standards of education with a practical profile, and introduce our students to the world of professional architects already during the studies. After obtaining a Master’s Degree in architectural engineering, you can start applying for an exam at the Polish Chamber of Architects for a license to design without limitations.

[1] The list of professions of public trust is included in the Constitution of Poland, article 17.

You should apply if:

  • You want to work in an independent, creative profession
  • You want to have an impact on the environment you live in
  • You want to change the world for the better
  • You are aesthetically sensitive and creative
  • You are artistically gifted
  • You have spatial imagination
  • You are attracted to working with computer-aided design software and AI

Why makes us special?

  • Lecturers – scientists and professionals
  • “Master – student” teaching method
  • Professional internships in partner studios
  • Study visits in inspiring places
  • Classes that develop creativity
  • Timetables without long breaks between classes
  • Openness to student ideas and initiatives
  • Opportunity to participate in architectural competitions
  • Specialized laboratories – computer labs, scale model room, drawing and modeling studio
  • Easy access to the Erasmus program

What will you learn?

  • Architectural and urban planning design
  • Interior and garden design
  • Architectural engineering and construction technology
  • Use of AI in architectural design
  • Physics and structural mechanics
  • History and theory of art, architecture and urban planning
  • Drawing, sculpture, painting
  • Historic buildings and cultural landscape protection policies
  • Regulations of construction law, copyright law and professional ethics
  • The principles of economics and the investment process in the European Union, which allows you to start your own business
  • Creative thinking

Important information

Level: Undergraduate (Engineer’s Degree)
Duration: 4 years
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

Per year
2700 EUR
Per semester
1350 EUR

What I need to enroll

  • Interview conducted by the Admission Committee
  • Portfolio with drawings made by the candidate (drawings need to be signed). Portfolio needs to include a minimum of 3 independently made hand drawings in pencil on A3 sheets in the following categories: nature, imagination, simple geometric solid figures


  • Profession of public trust
  • Professional degree recognized in the EU
  • You are ready for employment in the field of architectural and urban design
  • In a design studio, construction works and construction supervision
  • In local and government administration and research and scientific institutes

Partners of the program

Architecture at WSPA

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