Master's Degree


Our mission

The program’s mission is to train creative leaders of the IT industry in collaboration with our technological partners and the socioeconomic environment.

Who should apply?

  • Those fascinated by the development of computer science and its applications
  • Those with aptitude for logical thinking
  • If you want to join the best experts in IT, then the Computer Science program is just for you!

Why should you choose us?

  • We train future leaders of the IT industry
  • We run creative projects in the laboratories of our technological partners
  • Our study plan is co-created by the technological partners
  • We deployed innovative learning methods based on the technology of creativity
  • We collaborate with our socioeconomic environment

But that’s not all

  • We’re an international school.
  • Our highly skilled scientific staff teaches in Polish and English.
  • We continuously evolve the program and refine study plans so as to meet the requirements the IT industry demands of the engineers.
  • We change together with the IT market by introducing specializations desirable in the industry.


We will prepare you to be:
  • A leader of the IT industry
  • A designer and creator of video games
  • An expert in cybersecurity and computer forensics
  • A specialist in mobile and web technologies
  • A designer of IT systems and databases.

Important information

Level: Graduate (Master’s Degree)
Duration: 1.5 year
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

Per year
2700 EUR
Per semester
1350 EUR



Module A: Telecommunication systems and networks and electronic systems

The module allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of telecommunication networks of various ranges, rules of their organization and administration. The module also introduces students to the basics of analog and digital electronics and the construction of circuits with practical applications.

Module B: Artificial neural networks and medical image processing

The module introduces students to the construction and operation of artificial neural networks, designing multilayer neural networks for solving selected problems, e.g. signal classification, image recognition. The module also introduces students to the issues of medical image processing, selected standards for recording medical images and image operations applicable in medicine.

Module C: Cybersecurity

The module allows students to learn good security practices and acquire knowledge on how to properly protect data. The module also familiarizes students with cybersecurity policies and teaches the skill of predicting attacks by executing controlled attacks at the network.


Module A: Neuromodeling

The module familiarizes students with the subject of modeling the functioning of the brain in the form of biological neural networks.

Module B: Telemedicine with elements of medical simulation

The module allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of supporting the diagnostic process, supervising the therapeutic process and simulating processes in the area of ​​supporting diagnosis and therapy.

Module C: Cybersecurity

The module gives the opportunity to develop specialized cybersecurity skills and teaches how to detect incidents in computer systems, which allows for effective protection against attacks. The module also allows to master the ability to manage information security.

Partners of the program

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