Master's Degree



The skills acquired during the studies concerning effective use of our graduates’ potential, teamwork, building positive relationships with people and organization of work help them to function effectively on a competitive labor market.

An innovative approach to the teaching process and practical preparation for the profession allow the implementation of an individual development path for each student.

Graduate profile

A graduate of the second cycle studies, receiving a master’s degree, has modern and specialist knowledge in the field of computer science. The necessary skills acquired during the studying process allow for the diagnosis and creative problem-solving, effective work organization, task team management, independent research and accurate assessment of phenomena occurring in the modern world.

Information about the field of study

Master’s studies in the field of “Computer Science” thoroughly prepare for employment in institutions operating in the Polish or international environment, including as the management of IT projects, consultants and analysts. Graduates are also prepared to work in institutions related to medicine as specialists processing medical data, and depending on the selected module, also as staff operating specialized systems supporting the work of medical personnel or as technical staff in private companies, large industrial plants, design offices, laboratories and research and development centers where electrical, electronic and IT devices and systems are used.

Important information

Level: Graduate (Master’s Degree)
Duration: 1,5 year
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

Per year
2625 EUR
Per semester
1365 EUR


Semester II:

Telecommunication systems and networks and electronic systems

The module allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of telecommunications networks of various ranges, rules of their organization and administration. The module also introduces students to the basics of analog and digital electronics and the construction of circuits with practical applications.

Artificial neural networks and medical image processing

The module introducing students with the construction and operation of artificial neural networks, designing multilayer neural networks for solving selected problems, e.g. signal classification, image recognition. The module also introduces students to the issues of medical image processing, selected standards for recording medical images and image operations applicable in medicine.

Semester III:


The module familiarize students with the subject of modeling the functioning of the brain in the form of biological neural networks.

Telemedicine with elements of medical simulation

The module allows students to acquire knowledge and skills in the field of supporting the diagnostic process, supervising the therapeutic process and simulating processes in the area of ​​supporting diagnosis and therapy.

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