Engineer’s Degree


Our mission

The program’s mission is to train creative leaders of the IT industry in collaboration with our technological partners and the socioeconomic environment.

Who should apply?

  • Those fascinated by the development of computer science and its applications
  • Those with aptitude for logical thinking
  • If you want to join the best experts in IT, then the Computer Science program is just for you!

Why should you choose us?

  • We train future leaders of the IT industry
  • We run creative projects in the laboratories of our technological partners
  • Our study plan is co-created by the technological partners
  • We deployed innovative learning methods based on the technology of creativity
  • We collaborate with our socioeconomic environment

But that’s not all

  • We’re an international school.
  • Our highly skilled scientific staff teaches in Polish and English.
  • We continuously evolve the program and refine study plans so as to meet the requirements the IT industry demands of the engineers.
  • We change together with the IT market by introducing specializations desirable in the industry.


We will prepare you to be:
  • A leader of the IT industry
  • A designer and creator of video games
  • An expert in cybersecurity and computer forensics
  • A specialist in mobile and web technologies
  • A designer of IT systems and databases.

Important information

Level: Undergraduate (Engineer’s Degree)
Duration: 3,5 years
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

Per year
2625 EUR
Per semester
1365 EUR



  • You will learn tools and modern IT technologies related to processing various kinds of data, their acquisition, integration and analysis
  • You will learn how to build data analysis models based on statistical and information science tools

Cybersecurity and computer forensics

  • You will learn the rules of creating and deploying cybersecurity strategy and architecture in organizations
  • You will acquire practical rules of managing incidents
  • You will become familiar with the work of an IT specialist in a forensics laboratory and a court expert.

Computer graphics and game design

  • You will learn how to design and create video games on your own
  • You will become familiar with programming tools in graphics, particularly video game graphics

Designing and working with IT systems

  • You will learn how to design, program and service IT systems.
  • You will be able to build multilayer enterprise apps using databases.

Mobile technologies

  • You will acquire practical skills in designing and implementing web apps
  • You will learn the rules and methods of creating mobile apps
  • You will learn how to make software for a chosen platform (iOS/Android) using vendor’s platform and tools.

Web technologies and the Internet of Things

  • You will learn how to design graphical interfaces and build web apps
  • You will learn programming languages for the web
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