Courses in English

The University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin offers the following courses taught in English during spring semester 2018/19 (listed below). Please note that some changes may occur.

Courses in English – spring semester 2018/19 Form of evaluation ECTS
English Z/O 2
Polish Z/O 2
Foundations of creativity Z/O 2
Idea of human subjectivity Z/O 1
Foundations of psychology Z/O 1
Use of databases and content presentation Z/O 3
Foundations of marketing E 4
Managerial competencies Z/O 3
Decision-making and organizational techniques Z/O 3
Hotel organization and management Z/O 5
Intercultural communication in business Z/O 5
Constructive conflict resolution Z 1
Foundations of law Z/O 1
Protection of intellectual property Z/O 1
Market research E 3
Customer Relationship Management Z/O 2
Enterprise Resource Planning Z/O 2
Negotiations and Mediations Z/O 2
Basics of electrical engineering E 4
Computer systems architecture E 4
Discrete mathematics E 6
Object-oriented programming paradigm E 5
Operating systems E 6
Software engineering E 4
Object-oriented programming II E 5
Information system security and data protection Z/O 3
Artificial intelligence systems Z/O 3
Numerical methods E 4
Data-processing engineering E 4
Econometrics E 4

Form of evaluation explanation:

E – exam

Z/O – graded credit

Z – ungraded credit (pass/fail)


Files to download

Basics of Electrical Engineering, Measurement and Electronics

Basics of Programming

Computer Systems Architecture

Concept of Human Subjectivity

Decision-making and organizational techniques

English Language

Human Resources Management

Operating Systems

Polish Language