Bachelor's Degree


Our mission

We educate managers with self-agency who are able to bring bold changes to companies, know how to build projects and give space to their coworkers to act creatively.

You should apply if:

  • You are active, curious and ready for changes
  • You want to create innovative reality and groundbreaking ideas
  • You want to have a career in business
  • You want to learn how to be a successful leader in the always changing world
  • You want to manage a team
  • You want to have a degree that will allow you to find a job in many different sectors and industries – management is, after all, an interdisciplinary program

Why should you choose us?

  • Here the student does not only listen, take notes and pass exams, but first and foremost creates and builds
  • Students are authors of many interesting projects with creative and innovative solutions in the field of management
  • Only at our school the study plan includes a class in the Technology of Creativity. Students develop their imagination, practice the abilities to choose supereffective solutions and train their soft skills.
  • We educate through experience – our lecturers are people who work in business, who are managers and executives, and who run their own companies for many years
  • Students have an opportunity to submit their own project and manage it with the support of the school


We will prepare you to work:

  • As a middle manager in private companies and public institutions
  • In marketing
  • As an HR manager/expert in companies, public administration and NGOs
  • As a finance manager in the private and the public sector
  • As a finance/stock market analyst
  • In e-business

Important information

Level: Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree)
Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English


Tuition fees

Per year
2400 EUR
Per semester
1200 EUR


Innovative Company Management

  • You will learn how to manage a company based on values, which will allow you to make conscious choices that will improve the company and yourself
  • You will learn how to use a creative approach to planning company resources and how to build lasting relationships with clients
  • You will be able to conduct an organizational audit of the company and know how to implement tweaks to make your company more competitive on the market
  • You will be able to build and run projects
  • You will learn how to turn a conflict into a success
  • You will learn how to manage a company in a crisis situation (a pandemic, international conflicts, economic recession)

What can you do after completing the specialization?

  • After finishing the specialization you have the perfect fundamentals to start your own business.
  • But if you’re interested in employment instead, you can find a job:
    – as a middle manager in private companies and public institutions,
    – in marketing,
    – in consulting,
    – in production, service and trade companies.

Human Resources Management

  • You will be able to build a team and learn how to stoke up initiative, creativity and engagement in the employees
  • You will learn how to apply employee-oriented management techniques and create space for the employees to work creatively and delegate responsibilities to them
  • You will also learn how to motivate the employees to change, negotiate and resolve conflicts
  • You will learn how to manage your abilities and abilities of your subordinates

After completing the specialization you can find employment:

  • As a human resources manager/expert in companies, public administration and NGOs
  • As an expert in career planning offices
  • In human resources departments
  • In training and consulting companies

Partners of the program

Fundacja Inicjatyw Menedżerskich

Specializes in implementing organizational and executive improvements in companies and public institutions. The foundation devises and develops projects for social and managerial innovations.

The course “Organizational audit in a company” is organized together with the partner.

After completing the course students receive a certificate confirming the acquired skills in conducting an organizational audit.

The course is run by Paweł Prokop – chairman of the board of the foundation, head of the branch of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce, community adviser to the president of Lublin.

The West Choice

A Polish company specializing in competency research and building career paths, recruits employees for domestic and foreign companies.

Representatives of the management run the course “Personal strategies”. Students perform an analysis of the employment structure, determine qualification requirements for individual positions, determine the number of employees, the motivation system, plan employees’ professional development.

Grupa Tipmedia Sp. z o.o.

A Polish start-up that builds dedicated tools for companies, local media, local governments and NGOs. It creates websites, offers training, does effective online advertising, prepares marketing campaigns.

Grupa Tipmedia has been advising companies for years on how to quickly move their business to the internet and how to successfully run an e-business.

Social Insurance Institution, Lublin Branch

VII Liceum Ogólnokształcące im. Marii Konopnickiej w Lublinie



MOSiR “Bystrzyca” in Lublin




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