Bachelor’s Degree


Our mission

The program’s mission is to train those who care about helping others. Nursing is defined as helping individuals, families or other groups of people. The challenging environment we live, study and work in creates a need for people who can skillfully assess the scale and chances of recovering one’s physical, mental and social capabilities.

Who should apply?

Nursing is for people who show patience, understanding, empathy and protectiveness. At the same time, it’s a profession which requires professionalism, decision-making ability, mental resilience and assertiveness.

Modern nurse should be characterized by these qualities: professionalism, pursuit of lifelong learning, flexibility when faced with changes in the environment, as well as the ability to make decisions, express your opinion, formulate conclusions, communicate with people around you and work in an interdisciplinary team.

Why should you choose us?

Nursing is an exceptionally difficult profession, which requires not only huge medical knowledge, but also continuous education. Therefore it’s very important to choose the right school which will enable you to both learn the theory and later use that theory in practice. All of it is provided by the University College of Enterprise and Administration in Lublin. It’s a school with a very modern approach to the nursing profession.

Laboratory equipment funded from the preventive resources of PZU Życie SA.

Important information

Level: Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree)
Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

Per year
3400 EUR
Per semester
1700 EUR


The graduate may find work and grow professionally in public and private healthcare institutions: hospitals, clinics, residential care facilities, health care centers, nursing homes, hospices etc.

Partners of the program

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