Computer Science

About program

As a graduate of Finance and Accounting, you will have knowledge of operational mechanisms of financial markets, enterprises, banks and other organizations. You will develop skills of predicting and analysing the economic phenomena occurring in enterprises and on the surrounding market. The qualifications acquired will enable you to efficiently solve problems of accounting and finance management and to run appropriate departments of business organizations. We offer full-time and part time studies.

We will prepare you for work in

  • IT companies manufacturing and developing software
  • As a computer graphics designer, analyst, programmer of computer games (also educational ones)
  • Administration institutions implementing or using computer systems,
  • Labour market institutions,
  • Hospitals and other healthcare institutions,
  • Modern research and development centres and higher education institutions,
  • As an operator and administrator of computer systems, software designer, administrator and designer of computer networks,
  • As a manager and member of IT project team.

It is worth studying Computer Science at our College! Advantages of the programme:

  • Computer Science at WSPA is based on teaching practical competence using modern computers equipped with Intel Core i7 processors, RAM 12 GB, efficient video cards and 27″ LCD monitors. Depending on the type of a course, computers operate under the systems: Windows XP, Windows 7 Professional or Linux (various distributions). We also have a laboratory for learning computer assembly, design and construction of computer networks
  • Modern laboratories: each computer is equipped with Pentium 4 processor by Intel, RAM 1024 MB, gigabit network interface card and 17” LCD monitor! Depending on the type of a course, computers operate under the systems: Windows XP, Windows 7 Professional or Linux (various distributions)! Additional laboratory for learning computer assembly, design and construction of computer networks!
  • Free applications (MSDN AA) – This program enables legal and free use of most Microsoft software on PCs, for educational purposes, by students and lecturers of WSPA!
  • The study programme is covered by the EU project “Era inżyniera”, within which students take part – free of charge – in additional courses in mathematics and physics!
  • Possibility of participating in the series of training courses organized by WSPA, e.g. on the following subjects: “Competences, communication, self-presentation on the labour market”!; “Personal development, career, labour market”!; “How to increase your value on the labour market”!
  • Education adapted to the National Qualifications Framework! Possibility of participating in the Erasmus programme!
  • Computer Science students take an active part in scientific conferences. Participation is co-financed by WSPA.
  • Students take part in free training courses in self-presentation and job interview organized in the College.
  • Activity of the Scientific Association of Computer Science students. Cooperation with IT companies.
  • Job fairs.
  • Participation in specialist training courses in 3D graphics. The training courses are free of charge, organized by WSPA and confirmed with a certificate.
Tuition fees
University Staff

From 900 € per semester!
Check admission and tuition fees.

University didactic staff at Computer Science are qualified professionals


Design and Operation of IT Systems

Graduates of this specialization have skills to design, program and operate information systems. They have the ability to design and build multilayer business applications which use databases.

Databases, Warehouses and Data Analysis

Students of this specialization get thorough knowledge of modern relational and non-relational databases. Students get to know what Data Warhouses are how to use them. Morover they learn how to work in BigData field and use Business Intelligence techniques.

Internet Systems

Students who choose this specialization get to know how to create front-end and back-end of web applications. They also get to know the cloud computing and find out what the Internet of Things is and how to use it.

Mobile Systems

Students of this specialization learn how to design and develop applications for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets using the most popular operating systems: Android, iOS, Windows. Students also get to know secrets of system integration and usage of network services.

IT Managment

Students of this specialization obtain knowledge regarding elements of design, programming and specialized usage of information systems in various areas of management. The course discusses problems related to the implementation and operation of information systems, as well as, data protection. Students learn about issues related to modern computer decision supporting and forecasting tools, with particular emphasis on the artificial intelligence and expert systems tools.

Graphic and Computer Games Design

Graduates are prepared to work in areas in which it is important to combine IT with knowledge in the fields of graphic design, modeling, image processing, design and implementation of games and computer simulations. Graduates of the specialization have knowledge and skills in the field of computer graphics techniques, internet technologies and methods of multimedia information processing as well as IT tools supporting the design process. Specialization subjects prepare graduates to work on projects requiring knowledge of theories, methods and tools of creating graphics and animations.

Computer Networks

Students of Computer Networks specialization gain knowledge in the field of designing, building and administrating the computer networks. Students also learn how to configure, operate and administrate network operating systems.

Cybersecurity and Investigative IT

The aim of the studies is to familiarize the participants with the problems of security of computer networks, systems and applications. At the same time students acquire knowledge in the field of cyber security. The growing number of threats faced by computer users and crimes committed in cyberspace with the use of various IT devices, increases the demand for specialists who have the knowledge of securing, collecting and analyzing data from devices and networks.

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