Tuition fees

From 950 € per semester!


Choose one of the modern specialization:
  • Computer Networks and Multimedia +
    You will acquire knowledge of designing, building and administering of computer networks. Moreover, you will learn how to create web applications and multimedia databases.
  • Design and Programming of Computer Games +
    You will be prepared for work in the sector of creating computer games of various character, but also as a computer graphics designer and computer systems programmer. Moreover, you will acquire practical skills of using methods of computer graphics, animation and programming.
  • Design and Usage of Computer Systems +
    As a graduate, you will have extended competence required of experts dealing with application design, including web applications with intensive usage of databases, and their maintenance.
  • Mobile Technologies »» +
    You will learn how to design and create applications for mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, working under the most popular operating systems: Android, IOS, Windows Phone.

University staff

  • University staff at Computer Science to are qualified professionals +
    • dr inż. Tomasz Cieplak - prodziekan kierunku
    • prof. dr hab. Stanisław Grzegórski
    • prof. dr hab. inż. Jerzy Lipski
    • dr hab. inż. Andrzej Wac-Włodarczyk
    • dr hab. Piotr Giza
    • dr inż. Bogusław Oleksiejuk
    • dr inż. Beata Pańczyk
    • dr inż. Tomasz Rymarczyk
    • dr Marek Łatko