Master's Degree


About program

The two-year studies for Master’s degree in Sociology last 4 semesters. They are for Bachelor degree holders in Sociology and in other subjects, especially in humanities and social sciences.

Students can choose from a number of lectures and seminars aimed at developing knowledge in various disciplines of Sociology.

Graduates obtain a Master’s degree.

As a graduate of Sociology, you will be able to analyse interesting social and cultural phenomena, using various methods of research: questionnaires, surveys, photos, films. You will acquire skills of designing and conducting market research and other promotional undertakings. You will be qualified for effective management and promotion of a company and its products. We offer full-time and part time studies.

We will prepare you for work in:

  • marketing and HR departments
  • public opinion research centres,
  • universities and scientific institutions,
  • consulting and training institutions,
  • PR and advertising agencies,
  • mass media,
  • state and local government administration,
  • cultural institutions,
  • social welfare centres,
  • schools, after completion of the teaching course.

It is worth studying Sociology at our College! Advantages of the programme:

  • Professional teaching staff with both academic and practical experience.
  • Professional software IBM SPSS! This is fully expert software for analysis of quantitative data, used not only by academic institutions, public opinion research centres and market research units, but also in business (e.g. by airlines, insurance companies, banks, telecommunications companies). IBM SPSS is included in Sociology programme of only few private colleges.
  • Modern teaching methods facilitating personal development during the studies.
  • Possibility of consulting a career counsellor free of charge.
  • Practical education.
  • Implementation of own social initiatives and scientific research.
  • Possibility of representing the College during conferences.
  • Possibility of organizing scientific conferences.
  • High scholarships already from the first year of studies.

Important information

Level: Undergraduate (Bachelor’s Degree)
Duration: 3 years
Mode: Full-time
Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees

Per year
2700 EUR
Per semester
1350 EUR


Social and market research

An extremely interesting specialty for people who want to conduct commercial marketing, social and evaluation research. The student obtains in-depth methodological knowledge and expand his skills in assessing social phenomena. A student acquires advanced skills in designing, conducting and interpreting research. Graduates are prepared for research work in consulting and marketing companies, public institutions, local government units as well as advertising and PR agencies.

Group and team coaching

A specialty for people who want to work with groups and task teams in order to increase their effectiveness in action. The student acquires the skills and competences necessary to build effective teams and guide the group to achieving goals. He gains the ability to build relationships with others, cooperation based on effective communication and creative conflict solving. Graduates are prepared to work in task groups as managers, leaders, animators, consultants and employees of the HR department.

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