University – realization of classes

In the Academic year 2022/2023 in the winter semester all the lessons are taking place according to the schedule with the use of methods and techniques of distance learning.

The schedule and all ongoing information can be found on the distance learning platform – bookmark Student Zone.

How can I extend the vadility of my student ID card?

I year students – after paying the fee of 22 PLN you will recieve your student ID card via traditional post to adress indicated in the application form

Remaining students – the student ID card is valid, whereby the previous  decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Eductaion on the 29th of November would have been expired, remains valid. There’s no need to renew its validity at the Dean’s Office.

Is the Dean’s Office open as usual during the lessons on the distance learning platform?

Yes, the Dean’s office will be open. However, face to face visits with the Dean’s office as well as other departments of the University will not be possible. Please contact us via email and phone a detailed schedule can be found on the WSPA website and the STUDENT ZONE.

Graduation Exam

The defense of the thesis is held online. The Dean’s office informs you about all of the details.

Does Physical Education take place according to the schedule ?

Physical Education for I year students is held on the distance learning platform.

Is their a possibilty of consultations with the lecturers?

The consultations take place only by e-mail and the distance learning platform.

What should you do when I can’t contact the lecturer for a long time?

Please contact the Dean’s Office.

How could I recieve the information about my mark?

The lecturer conducting the lesson informs the students about the mark they have recieved on their exam or credit.

How could I check my marks in my virtual index?

To check you virtual index you must log in to the Office 365 with your University e-mail. The link to the grade transcript is available in the messages sent to the Outlook e-mail.

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