Once again, the University College of Enterprise and Administration and The Board of Students’ Government of the WSPA are organizing the “WySPA has talent” competition, which aims to present talents and make realize that’s is worth cultivating the passions. The event is dedicated to WSPA Students. This year, due to the situation, the competition will be held online.

If you want to take part in the competition, please send us a video presenting your talent to the
e-mail address: talent@wspa.pl with the completed attachments:

Application form plik do pobrania formularza zgłoszeniowego

Declaration of consent for image publication plik do pobrania zgoda na wizerunek

Parental consent (for underage participants) plik do pobrania zgoda rodzica

We’re waiting for applications till 3th June 2022, and the results will be announced 20th June 2022. We encourage you to participate, especially since the prizes are attractive. There are vouchers with the value of:

For the 1st place: 600 PLN,
For the 2nd place: 500 PLN,
For the 3rd place: 400 PLN

The competition also provides a fourth prize – a special one for the participant who gets the most likes from Internet users.

Rules of the competition-WySPA has Talent plik do pobrania regulamin

Link to the event: 

Invitation to participate in the competition “WySPA has talent 2022"

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