Diploma Thesis

Below we provide information about the procedure for submitting diploma thesis and conducting diploma exams.

  1. Diploma thesis could be submitted only by students, who have successfully completed all the subjects required by the course of study (including internships and the diploma seminar).
  2. In attachment you will find information about the documents, required for submitting the diploma thesis:
  • 2 copies of the diploma thesis in a paperback (thermobinded), printed on both sides;
  • 2 electronic copies of the thesis (CD), compatible with the printed version;
  1. Students, who don’t have the opportunity to meet the thesis supervisior at the seat of the University may submit the documents without the signature of the thesis supervisior. However, please send by e-mail the thesis supervisior’s confirmation that the thesis has been accepted – to the address dziekanat@wspa.pl
  2. Theses are added to the anti-plagiarism system by the thesis supervisiors.
  3. The thesis must contain a declaration for the thesis signed by you, previously downloaded from the University’s website – below we send a link to the website.

Files to download – University College of Enterprise and Administration (wspa.pl)



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