Stay in Poland – Health insurance

Prospective students are obligated to provide the University with a copy of health insurance for the period of their studies before the academic year starts. It can be either a private insurance policy obtained in their country of origin or a voluntary health insurance in Polish National Health Fund.

Voluntary health insurance in the National Health Fund

A patient covered by the voluntary health insurance is entitled to healthcare services on the same rights as a person insured by the National Health Fund (NFZ).
The lack of health insurance may result in an obligation to cover the full costs of healthcare services in the case of illness or the necessity to receive immediate medical help.

How to sign for voluntary health insurance in the National Health Fund? 
In order to conclude an agreement for voluntary health insurance, you have to visit the relevant NHS Department where you can fill an application for health insurance coverage by the National Health Fund. Within 7 days from the date of signing the agreement, you must visit ZUS (Social Insurance Institution) in order to submit the application for health insurance.

Necessary documents:

  • identity document (ID card, passport),
  • residence card or a residence permit for a fixed period of time,
  • PESEL [National Identification Number],
  • University entrance certificate.

Insurance document entitling to healthcare services:
The agreement, together with evidence of paid contribution for the previous month, constitute the evidence of insurance for the person with voluntary health insurance and their family members. Please note that a ZUS application form constitutes an integral part of the agreement.

Monthly health contributions paid to ZUS constitute the basis of entitlement to health insurance benefits, in accordance with the voluntary insurance agreement. The monthly rate for foreign students is 46,80 PLN.

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