Stay in Poland – Legalization of stay

Non EU and EEA students must apply for a residence permit after their arrival in Poland in order to legalize their stay in our country.


Permit for temporary residence for the purpose of studying is granted to a foreigner if the purpose of his stay in Poland is taking or continuing full-time studies or doctoral studies, even when these studies are a continuation or supplement studies undertaken by the foreigner on the territory of another country of the European Union, and if all of the following conditions are met:

The foreigner shall submit:

  • certificate from the university offering studies about the acceptance for studies or about continuation of studies,
  • proof of payment, if the foreigner takes or continues tuition-based studies;

The foreigner must also satisfy the condition of having health insurance and sufficient funds to cover the cost of living and travel back to the country of origin or residence or transit to a third country, which grants permission to enter.

The condition for granting the permit is also having sufficient funds to cover the costs of studies.

Permit for temporary residence for the purpose of studying is also granted to a foreigner who intends to take a preparatory course for studies in Polish language and meets the above conditions for granting permit for temporary residence for the purpose of studying.

The voivode notifies the university offering studies, indicated by the foreigner in the application for permit, about granting the foreigner the permit for temporary residence for the purpose of studying.


The first temporary residence permit for the purpose of studying is granted for a period of 15 months, another permit may be granted for a period of up to three years. If the purpose of residence justifies the foreigner’s stay in Poland for a period shorter than one year, the first permit is granted for the duration of the academic year or studies, extended by three months.

The temporary residence permit for the purpose of family reunification is granted up to the day, for which temporary residence permit was granted to a foreigner, to whom he intends to arrive or arrived in order to join the family, and if the foreigner holds a permanent residence permit, the long-term resident’s EU residence permit, subsidiary protection, permit to stay for humanitarian reasons or a refugee status granted in the Republic of Poland – for a period of three years.

The temporary residence permit for a minor child of a foreigner who is staying in the territory of Poland on the basis of a national visa or temporary residence permit, if the child was born during the period of validity of the national visa or temporary residence permit is granted up to the date of expiry of the national visa or a temporary residence permit granted to the legal representative of the child.

The temporary residence permit for a graduate of Polish university looking for work is granted for a period of one year.

The foreigner who obtained:

  • temporary residence permit
  • permanent residence permit
  • long-term resident’s EU residence permit

– is issued a residence card.

A residence card, during the period of its validity, confirms the identity of the foreigner during his stay in Poland and authorises, along with a travel document, to multiple crossing of the Polish border without having to obtain a visa.

A foreigner may travel and stay in the territory of the Schengen states for a period not exceeding 90 days within any 180-day period if he has a valid residence card.

The residence card is issued by the voivode, who granted the temporary residence permit, the permanent residence permit or the long-term resident’s EU residence permit.

The fee for issue or replacement of a residence card is PLN 50.

The fee must be paid to the account of the relevant voivode before issuing the residence card.

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